Table Representation Learning workshop

NeurIPS 2022, Room 398, Friday 2 December, New Orleans, USA



We develop large models to “understand” images, videos and natural language that fuel many intelligent applications from text completion to self-driving cars. But tabular data has long been overlooked despite its dominant presence in data-intensive systems. By learning latent representations from (semi-)structured tabular data, pretrained table models have shown preliminary but impressive performance for semantic parsing, question answering, table understanding, and data preparation. Considering that such tasks share fundamental properties inherent to tables, representation learning for tabular data is an important direction to explore further. These works also surfaced many open challenges such as finding effective data encodings, pretraining objectives and downstream tasks.

The Table Representation Learning workshop is the first workshop in this emerging research area and has the following main goals: 1) motivating tabular data as a first-class modality for representation learning and further shaping this area, 2) show-casing impactful applications of pretrained table models and discussing future opportunities thereof, and 3) facilitating discussion and collaboration across the machine learning, natural language processing, and data management communities.

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